Notes from my Japan Book Tour

Last week I was Japan speaking about responsibility-driven design as part of promoting the new Japanese translation of Object Design. I gave 5 talks in three days in Osaka and Tokyo. Before I started my speaking tour, I was treated to a day of sightseeing in Kyoto accompanied by Taku Fujii, the lead translator, of my book.

Taku-san was an extremely gracious host and I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful Kyoto gardens and temples in the gentle rain. In addition to speaking, we also had time to celebrate. Wednesday evening there was a small party in Tokyo with several translators, reviewers, and the editor-in-chief.

Over dinner, one of the reviewers remarked that responsibility was an especially difficult word to translate. “To respond to” is one meaning…but that simple translation would lose the important connotation of “having an obligation”. Such are the subtlies of translation. Five translators worked for over a year to translate the book. They are very proud of their work (and I am very grateful). I hope it becomes a best seller in Japan. Thursday I delivered a keynote speech on Skills for World Class Designers at the UMTP Modeling Forum. After my talk nearly 50 stood in line to buy the book and have me autograph it. Sales are off to a good start.