ATM Activation Update

I wanted report on what happened when I actually called up to activate my really new ATM card (in case anyone cares). I phoned up the number as the sticker on the card directed me to do and after I punched in my new card number I received a message stating, “This card is already activated” and then I got disconnected.

Hm. The call I made to activate my card when I mysteriously received a “replacement” card (not a new card with a new number) obviously went through–and the operator activated my new card (even though the number I gave her was for my old card). Hm. So my new card was already activated before I received it. Someone could’ve stolen it out of my mailbox and used it without having to answer all those pesky questions. I think I’ve uncovered a security issue with how the person on the phone handled my request.

For what its worth–its those special cases that’ll get you everytime.