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Responsibility-Driven Software Development

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Responsibility-Driven Design

1 or 2 days

Suitable for small teams or larger groups. Customizations to work on your design problem are welcomed. Price: Contact us at training@wirfs-brock dot come. Price includes all course materials. Instructor travel and lodging expenses are extra.

This short course presents the key ingredients to developing a responsibility-based design. You will learn and get to briefly practice several practical techniques that can enhance your design process. In a responsibility-based model, objects play specific roles and occupy well-known positions in the application architecture. It is a smoothly-running community of objects. Each object is accountable for a specific portion of the work. Objects collaborate in clearly-defined ways, contracting with each other to fulfill the larger goals of the application. By creating such a “community of objects,” assigning specific responsibilities to each, you build a collaborative model of your application.

We introduce the latest in CRC card modeling, object identification and naming, object role stereotypes, control style design, collaboration trust regions, and contracts and show how responsibility-driven design thinking can enhance your design and development practices.


Attendees should be familiar with object-oriented technology and object concepts. Some experience with object design and programming languages is a plus.

For additional information, please contact us: training@wirfs-brock.com

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