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Writing Agile Use Cases

2 days

Ideal class size is 20 students or less. Price: Contact us at training@wirfs-broc. dot com. Price includes all course materials and texts. Instructor travel and lodging are extra.

Use cases describe a software system from an external usage perspective. When teams adopt agile development they try to “right size” the requirements they write. They favor direct collaboration and communications over dense documentation that is rarely read or poorly understood. So where exactly do written use case descriptions fit into an agile project? While we don't suggest writing complex descriptions when direct conversations or simples sketches could get the idea across, we often see the value of a business analyst or user experience designer writing concise, and vivid usage descriptions and developing wizard-of-Oz prototypes and acceptance tests.

This course is a hands-on exposure to techniques for effectively writing use cases and focusing on usability in an agile development environment. It also goes the extra step of showing how use cases relate to feature definition, user stories and test cases-putting Use Cases in context for teams following agile development practices. During the course, students have opportunity to practice writing different forms and experimenting with different writing styles and techniques and ways of expressing complex ideas more clearly.

Course Objectives

The goal of this short course is to enable you to:

Course Topics

Attendees should have some familiarity with use cases as well as agile development methodologies.


Who should attend?

Course Information
Approximately 70% of the time is spent doing and reviewing short exercises; 30% in short lectures. Each student receives a copy of:
An Agile Use Case Style Guide developed by Wirfs-Brock Associates that includes guidelines, explanatory text, examples, and advice.


For additional information, please contact us at training@wirfs-brock.com

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